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The movie I saw was called M.W. but they kept calling it 'Mu' in japanese.

It starred Tamaki Hiroshi as 'Yuki' and Yamada Takayuki as 'Garai'.

cut for summary and pics. )


p.s. for those who think I was inventing the couple stuff
tell me what that makes you think )
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K-20; legend of the mask.

The main actor was Kaneshiro Takeshi.
Of course his acting was good, but the plot was a bit overdone at points.
I think it's his corniest film I've seen.

The twist at the end was predictable, since many films have done that, but it was good nonetheless.
The girl in the film had a bit fight in her, which was fun and there were jokes here and there.
But some of it was a bit too farfetched. It wasn't his best film, definitely not as good as Warlords.

I'll give it 7/10. A pretty good film, just not the best.

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Possible spoilers for both reviews.

1- I went to see Zenzen Daijoubu
Fine, totally fine in English )

2- Harry Potter & the Half blood Prince.
2 and a half hours of entertainment. )

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1- Hard Revenge Milly (part 1 & 2)
the director(s) were there. )

2- Crush and Blush
Korean movies are random. )

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First I saw Power kids.

A thai film with too many morals. )

Lalapipo was the next movie.

A story without a beginning or ending. )

More to come. =)
My next film is Tuesday.
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I went to see Love Exposure.
I think the only thing this movie didn't have was politics, lol.
It had sex, violence, porn, cults, religion, incest, castration -- etc.

Cut for spoilers. )

Needless to say, I really enjoyed this unconventional love story.
Drag queens, castration, porn and all.
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This year, I've beat my record again. lol.

I shall be watching 17 movies.
Starting with (my lovely Sho's) Yatterman. heh.
That's on thursday evening. so, yeah.

I will post my thoughts on all of the movies.
90% of them are asian. lol.

Schedule below )



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