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Title: Two wrongs and one right
Pairing: Matsurai aka Sho/Jun
Genre: AU. Mostly humor and smut.
Rating: NC-17 for cursing and sex
Disclaimer: I own nothing, but I wish I did.
Summary: There's a killer, a mob boss and a gay son.
Word count: 4792
Notes: Unbetad, kind of. And it's been a while since I've written an Arashi (only) oneshot.

We all grow a conscience at one point. )

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Title: Mistake
Author: me
Rating: pg-13 for situations
pairing: Ohmiya, Matsurai, Sakumiya, Juntoshi ---sorry Aiba..LOL.
Genre: angst, fluff, a tiny bit of smut (thus the pg-13)
Summary: Couples are shattered.
Disclaimer: I own nada.
Notes: Hope you like it nica. <3 Un-betad..and longer than planned, lol. And yes, I suck with titles; sorry.

I wrote two other fics this weekend. Well one fic and one ficlet, both Matsumiya, to be precise.
I'll be posting those soon...
Or, if anyone reads this tonight, I'll post it tonight..lol. (if you ask nicely.)

sorry if I'm a bit confusing, lol. )

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Title: La louve déguisée
Author: moi
Rating: R-ish. Maybe a bit more.
Pairing: Matsumiya/Sho
Genre: Crack, some smut
Word count: 1200 approx.
Disclaimer: I own nada.
Summary: Nino likes disturbing the peace.
Notes: Un-betad for now. Please let me know if you see typos or the likes.

No one requested this..I just felt inspired, heh. )

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Prompted by my dahling; [livejournal.com profile] midorihaven.
Same prologue, yes. lol.
The winning pairing is Matsurai.
The next one will be either Matsumiya or MatsumOhno.
Please tell me in a comment which you prefer. <3


A long day meant for rest. There were interviews, photoshoots, promos, commercials, studio recordings and so much more. The five men couldn't help but drag themselves off into different directions, the elevator holding but two people at a time. It was a special, private, tinted-glass elevator. There were about 100 floors to descend and all of the maintenance workers had gone for the day. Two of the five young men walked through the open doors drowsily. As much as they wished for their day to finally be over, there was one last mishap in store for them.

Matsurai's journey together. )


P.S. THIS IS JUST A QUICK VERS. Needs LOOOOOTSSS of work. I wanted to write it before I forgot.
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Title: Strive and dive.
Author: moi. (in DoS mode.)
Pairing: Matsurai.
Rating: R just to be sure.
Genre: Angst, smut - kinda.
Disclaimer: I don't own a thing. And if I could own something, it would be a stick to thwap Sho with.
Summary: Sho is more DoS than Jun.
Notes: Based on, of course, Sho's new...euh, news. And Tujiko Noriko's song "Ending Kiss" ---which you can dl here(via ysi). Short one! my brain is hurting. xD

How fun, really. )

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....i might post that in comms..LOLOL.


off to work~!

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Title: Touch it
Author: la femme de votre vie; me.
Pairing: Matsurai aka Sakumoto, a little surprise at the end.
Rating: NC-17 or hard R (lol, Idk.)
Genre: Crack, Smut
Disclaimer: Who cares if I own them or not? (But I don't, in case you're curious.) They surely wouldn't like me writing this.
Summary: Jun gets a surprise.
Notes: Based on this. Un-betad for now. Yes, the title comes from the Busta Rhymes song. LOL

Jun, must you tape him too? That was sad. lol. )


P.S DON'T ASK FOR A SEQUEL! rawrrrrrr.
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Title: Numb
Author: yours truly. <3
Pairing: Matsurai, SakurAiba
Rating: R or soft NC-17
Genre: Angst
Disclaimer: I own not a dime, even.
Summary: Sho is devastated.
Notes: Hope you like it [livejournal.com profile] freedomthisway. Although, it's not what you had asked for. ^//^ (Inspired by Portishead's song --Numb.) I could always write another one with your prompt later on. omg. IT'S MUCH MORE ANGSTY THAN PLANNED. -dead-

Jun has been in a lot of my fics lately! )



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