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Oct. 3rd, 2012 02:18 pm
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I'm so sad; my artist for [livejournal.com profile] deancasbigbang disappeared. So now I have to wait for another. ;_;
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The part where I connect the external monitor is loose, so I have to shove tape and stuff in it so that the monitor will stay in. It's really hard to be active fanfiction-wise with that happening..lol.
I have a lot to write though, so I need to suck it up or find an alternative solution, don't I?


That's all the update for now - OH!

Actually, I saw Total Recall yesterday. It was all right. I mean, I like action films, but I like them to have some substance. This, after seeing things like Spider-man and Dark Knight rises, really didn't have substance. Or maybe I was just really tired.

Anyway, how are things for you guys?


Jul. 17th, 2012 10:33 am
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Major writer’s block over here. Plus pain, but whatever.


I have to find a way to get my shit together because my pod-together(lj) is due on the 28. Eek.

Also, I have to update my pre-serum!Steve fic, and I have to add 8k to my fic for the big-big-bang challenge (lj), and I have other challenges as well. Like the Sassy minibang (lj). OH GOD.


WHAT IS PRODUCTIVITY?! I should probably be writing instead of making this post…yeah?

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Sorry for not updating.
Yes, I'm still alive.

Just, school sucks the inspiration right out of me.

Does anyone want me to post something specific to make up for it?
Graphics, fanfic, something else?

Just drop me a comment and I'll get on it asap.


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Supposedly, if you've seen over 85 films, you have no life. Mark the ones you've seen. There are 239 films on this list. Copy this list, go to your LJ account, paste this as a new entry. Have fun.

list here~ )

Now Add them up and...

Put "I've seen X out of 239 films" in the subject line and repost it.

Do it everyone! xD~

Note: LMAO. Top that number biyatches! I am such a movie buff.
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Nino randomly tieing his hair in the middle of Shukudai made me melt.

and now all I can do is stare at how wonderful he looks.

hontou ni!

kirei na~~
kawaii na~~
subarashii na~~
utsukushii na~~

Nino is killing me today. )

An older junxsho moment. (from AnoArashi) )


p.s. Nino is so DoS...Jun doesn't even come close to him in this episode of shukudai. <3
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some of the crack said on msn. THERE'S A LOT. )

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I asked people. and yeah.


all can be found in teh dark? )

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I'm starting to become the 'Graphics/Picspasm girl'. haha. [not that I'm complaining ne.]

Since it has been AT LEAST a month that I haven't spazzed you guys out, I have returned. Happily.

Todays Theme:Yassan's[me,not the kanjani8 member..bwhaha] ALL-TIME Favorites [Part 1]!<--and I mean all-time. 'cause c'mon, I can't put all my favorites in one post. I'll be too exhausted && your IE will die. haha.

Featured guys:Okada Junichi, Miyavi, Arashi, Gackt, W-inds, Endo Yuya, Narimiya Hiroki, YamaP, Massu[NewS], Yokoyama Yu,Gara from Merii, etc.

**Almost 200 pics in this first part. Beware.**

sometimes you just can't explain why.. )

Prease to comment if you enjoyethed kore. [do you like my english,engrish, japanese? keke.]
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Follow-up to the Arashi Love triangle from my last post..

interested in seeing? ^.~

you know you are.

Once again, many pics to be found - just not as much as last time..

Aiba's decision )

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Since this seemed to make a good impression on all of you..

more to come. what is it you ask? beware of MANY pictures.


ja ne.
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My journal is now friends only.

leave a message here. ^^

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well last night. was bad. bad bad bad. I was reminiscing on someone that hurt me and yeah. I became really bitter and my stomach starting hurting.

this is what i wrote:


He has made me so bitter against New Zealand and the korean guys there.AHHH!!! As i despise you for that.Why did you have to do that? I was ready to call you and show you my love by coming to see you by plane, gathering all my courage. YOU SUCK, to say the least. There's so much that i want to say to you that's all bottled up now.GRRRR. I wish I never liked you, and never made u like Miyavi!!! He is 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better than you will ever be. By far, you bastard!!!! grrrrr. okay. I'm done. all that is left to say I shall transfer to you by songs:

Cry me a river---Justin timberlake
ex-girlfriend---No doubt
Emotion--Destiny's child

Atwa--System of a down
(..you don't care about how I feel,
I don't feel it anymore..)

Toxicity--System of a down
Needles--System of a down

I used to love you---Lauryn hill
Lost ones--Lauryn hill
(you might win some,
but you just lost one)

p.s. I AM SO ANGRY WITH YOU, I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT! whatever though, I have miyavi, he has never let me down before. AND YOU MAKE ME SICK TO MY STOMACH!!!

NOW. for the positive things yes there are.


" ..I just want you, to know that you are really special..
oh yeah, there's just something about you.."----Pharell, Beautiful.

"..Now let me pray to keep you from,
the perils that will surely come..." Lauryn Hill, Zion.

"..what do I want? sagashiteita
what do you want? mou ichido, stay by my side.."---Se7en, Forever Mind.

*cough*...hope I didnt scare too many ppl..^^;;
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lemme see, what have I done today?

hmm..I fixed up my userinfo a little, answered comments, downloaded, made 2 gifs, updated my journal in my 3 journal accounts. *this one, and 2 on greatest journal*. ^^

also, on GJ, I have a RP account in which im playing Miyavi and it's pretty fun to pretend to be him. I was saying "oh, save your money for my new single"...hahahaah.

it's funny. *cough*...Okay, so if you would like any graphics such as gifs, icons, screencaps or banners, just tell me.

see ya
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a little jrock/skinny/girlie men humor..hahaha

You know you're too skinny if Miyavi looks fat beside you.
you know you're too girlie when lesbians flirt with you.
you know you're too weird when Seek(PLC) tells you to cool it.
you know you're too skinny when u can fall through a crack in the floor.
you know you're too skinny when a lamp can hide you if you're standing sideways.
you know you're too fat when you jump and get stuck.
you know you're too old when you breast feed powder milk.
you know you're too pale when you are lighter than the white paint on your walls.
you know you're a slut when you think having sex in the back seat of a car is romantic.
you know you're dumb when you think "bon appetit" is french for thank you.

*cough*...some not so good. but on the bright side, at least im trying.haha..

obviously i didnt make them all up. ^^;;
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hey ...what have I done today you ask?

well first i woke up because of my mother's loud music. then i ate breakfast and started doing housework. eewwww. X_X

then I went online for about 20 mins and sent someone pics of miyavi for her to share with everyone. ^^;;

then I went out with my mom to buy cds, some sweets and other junk.

I bought:
-kylie minogue's "fever"
-lauren hill's " miseducation of lauren hill"
-our lady peaces cd..(dont remember which)
-Pink's "can't take me home"


overall a very good day.



Aug. 12th, 2005 02:55 pm
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right. so this isn't the first time there's a jrocker in my dreams. its the 3rd.

*miyavi twice and now KIRITO*

here's what I remember...

Okay at first we went on a trip underwater, like scooba diving. And because of a young male child, Im not sure if it was my brother or his friend, anyways, Kirito got cold and got sick. So anyways, I think me and another guy(hes a guy from my school) got sick or almost got kidnapped or something so they put us in the room beside so we could recover.I think someone tried to kidnap us, dont ask why we're in a hospital..X_X

The child that got him sick in the first place, cuz he was REALLY SICK he was like in a coma sort of state, went in and was saying he was sorry,etc. I was watching all this from the hall.He then decided to kiss Kirito on the forehead..(cough, okay weird) and I was like, HEY GET OUT OF THERE, what are u doing? hes trying to recover. etc..

The next day, I woke up and heard the young boy talking with Kirito. Kirito was explaining that now his favorite meal was ramen with meat and fried mushrooms thrown in..(weird). And it seemed he was totally better. So i was going into his room..


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I took a quiz..I WANTED MIYAVI but I'll settle for what I call "his older look-a-like" hahahah


Toshiya | Spanish Intelligence:

Hailing from the grand land of Spain, Senior
Toshiya has the heads up on every money making
situation, legal or not. He knows whos who and
whats worth screwing with. But hes good for
one thing. Information. And...er...okay, two
things. But youll need a third wheel if youre
sticking with him. (Disclaimer: I have no idea why
Toshiya ended up a Spanish man in this quiz

Who's Your Jrock Partner In Crime?
brought to you by Quizilla


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