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mblaq parodyyyyy. yay. love, love, love this song.
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Tell me what you think. =)
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and made a parody! lol.
(yes I'm insane.)

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Well, I thought the whole MV was hilarious.
(The concept, the lack of dance steps and all that posing)
So I decided it was only fair I make a parody. ^-~


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2 of Beast and 1 of Mblaq (because sadly I don't like the good luv song).

beast parodies of their intro song and Bad girl )

Oh yeah parody about memory loss. )

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***To see the subs, you must make sure CC (bottom right corner) is in red. All I have is a softsub program.***

video credit for the bad girl mv goes to [livejournal.com profile] downpour

P.S. If anyone has the 2pm MV for Crazy 4s, I am looking for it. I want to make a parody. Is that good bait for you?
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This song was my favorite for a long time, so I couldn't help jumping on it when the MV came out.

Remember; CC in the bottom right corner needs to be in red (to see subs).

The story is quite clear but just in case: GD is complaining about the company he works for and warning others. He curses a bit too.

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I swear they made this song for Jay.
And oh, the parts where Khun is saying she --think of it as the anti fan who started the whole mess. -nod- it'll make sense.


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All my Kpop parodies (and maybe one day Jpop too)
Updated: Jan 8, 2011

of them total )

**If I forgot to unlock anything, let me know or just visit my parodies on yt (username is Ebyruchan).
I'll take requests sometimes, too.
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1- Video credit to Vollon at Veoh
2- I couldn't find a raw video, so I used this
3- There's some cursing and the usual gay situations
4- CC in the bottom right corner needs to be lit up (in Red) to see cracksubs
5- Enjoy!

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as usual, CC - bottom right corner.

I think you'll get the story from the lyrics.
They kidnap a celebrity who's married.
kill off his wife and keep him as their pet.
then they feel guilty at the end.

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P.S. Finished Rokkugo now!

it's not supposed to make sense, by the way.
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I liked this fellow named Ajoo because of how girly he looks and how manly his body is. haha.

So I made a parody.
Now, onto some notes.
1- Make sure CC in the bottom right menu (looks like a small arrow) is in RED, to see the fake subs.
2- Storyline --- Ajoo is a Gigolo.
3- Some words you might need to look up.
-Gypsy (think of Esmeralda from Hunchback fo notre-dame)
-Quid : slang for british money (that's why he makes a queen crown with his hands)
-Euro : European money
-Leno : referring to Jay Leno (talk show host)
-East doll : in this case, I mean he's an Asian toy
- double : short for body double (someone who has the same kind of body shape, but sometimes different face)
4- There's some mild cursing.

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will be crossposting later.
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I didn't tell you...
But I was working on GD's but I love you at the same time as twins.
(Do you get the hint now Hime?)


As usual, CC in red - bottom right corner to see subs.
If there's a problem, let me know.
And yes, it's extremely fast. GD is a fast rapper.

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Back to Old School Super Junior.

As usual, CC in the bottom right corner needs to be in RED to see subtitles.
As I told someone on capslock_suju, I made a tribute to the 2nd oldest - Heechul.
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Probably one of my hardest ones.
The chinese, so hard.....a lot of similar sounds, you know?

But yeah, I did it!
Storyline; SuJu-M made a tribute song to Leeteuk.
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Well, yes.
I made parody lyrics for a parody video..lol.
My lyrics are more bitchy, haha.

CC in the bottom right corner needs to be in RED.
possibility of softsub download, if wanted.

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CC in the bottom right corner needs to be in red.
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But I won't be posting this anywhere except here for now.
it's so annoying crossposting, haha.

CC in the right corner has to be in red, as usual.

I guess this is mainly for myself, heh.

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This is for [livejournal.com profile] midorihaven.
Not for kids!

**Crack subber's notes;
The girl in the video is Jiyong's sister.
Jiyong gets drunk one night and sleeps with Top.
Jiyong doesn't want to date or belong to Top.
So Top kidnaps Jiyong's sister and later kills her.
Jiyong finally agrees to be with Top and becomes his slave.
(The end, lol)

the video might still be processing. But it should work soon.
Let me know if anything is wrong.


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This one is kinda gay (literally).
It's not for children~

To see the softsubs, make sure CC in the bottom right corner is in RED.


P.S. Possibility of softsub download~

x-posted to [livejournal.com profile] capslock_vip & [livejournal.com profile] yg_bigbang


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